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Commercial Property

HFCA opens first ever office in Cambodia at world class Raintree Building

Raintree building at night

Raintree is Cambodia’s first boutique office development designed for fast-growing organisations. HFCA were one of the first tenants when the new office building opened in October 2016 and we are delighted with our office space. Situated in the heart of Phnom Penh’s central business and banking district, Raintree houses 3000 square metres of flexible office space, complemented by a loft event space and outdoor terrace. Raintree Director Zoe Ng commented “When the team heard about HFCA and its mission, we were so excited by their incredible work and wanted to support their ambitious growth plans. We share in their passion to provide disadvantaged youth in Cambodia more opportunities, and appreciated how they are doing something significant to put Cambodia on the map. Raintree was developed to provide workspace for fast-growing organisations from diverse sectors and industries.” “Even with a lean organisation and a small number of permanent staff, we tried to find a workspace for HFCA that fits their current needs. Considering each of our prospective tenants’ needs is a key part of the Raintree management philosophy, and we could not be more thrilled to have more footballers as part of our project’s community. We hope their new professional home leads to more …

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New Commercial Office Spaces And How To Choose Your Next Office


With the skyrocketing levels of construction in the Kingdom, it’s no wonder people are starting to compare buildings based on their “Grade.” Commercial buildings are categorized by their position on a comparative scale that rates them from A to C based on a range of different measurable traits. This rating scale, recognized internationally as the ‘be all and end all’ of building quality, determines where a new building fits in the market and influences the rental prices and the type of tenants it attracts. Cambodia is relatively new to this scale and in the past the quality of office buildings has hovered around ‘C’ with very few buildings making it past entry level. Historically, office space in Phnom Penh was available in villas, shop houses, and low quality small office buildings. Over the last decade however, we have seen massive growth in the commercial office building market. About 8 years ago, Canadia Tower opened and led the market for a few years until Phnom Penh Tower arrived and slightly surpassed it in quality of office space offering. From there we waited several more years until Vattanac Tower opened and clearly overtook all that had come before by proudly boasting Phnom …

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Cambodian Property Investor

IPS Cambodia - Cambodian Property Investor March 2016

IPS Cambodia is proud to present the first edition of Cambodian Property Investor – a regular publication that showcases the finest addresses, offers expert advice and provides a snapshot of the Cambodian real estate environment.  We’ve earned our reputation as the country’s property experts by regularly contributing articles to newspapers, magazines and websites. Now it’s our turn to give our professionals in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap their own forum. In the first edition of Cambodian Property Investor, we’ll highlight the latest premium apartments, villas, houses, offices and land – all excellent opportunities with growth potential for savvy investors. We’ll also introduce you to our new niche property portal: . This finely presented site is the result of IPS’ many years in the market, forging strong relationships with local and international developers. For investors seeking to enter the Cambodian property market, our latest articles will give you an insight into the thriving property environment, debunk myths and provide the latest facts on real estate law. So sit back and enjoy the first edition of Cambodian Property Investor – the first of many. To view an online version of the magazine please click the link here  

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Villas versus Office Space

office space

All Phnom Penh residents are familiar with BKK1, the Sangkat (suburb) once known for its NGO offices and large villas, now becoming famous for its coffee shops and condos. As a direct result of this transformation, Villas in BKK1 are becoming harder and harder to find, and while most organizations still want to keep their roots in Phnom Penh’s most sought after location, landlords and prices are forcing things to change quickly. As long-term leases expire and landlords can smell the reward of selling to developers, villa and land prices in BKK1 have moved out of reach of NGOs and most corporate clients. The result has been a strong shift towards professional office space in newer buildings. The office space that villas provide is not the most efficient and organizations are able to reduce their requirements, in overall square meter terms, as they move to tailored solutions in office buildings. For example, an organization that used to have 400 square meters of villa space may find that, with an efficient design, they can comfortably move into 250 square meters of open plan office space. Price also plays a very important part in this process. The villa that rented for $2,000 …

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Nigel Doughan To Head Commercial Property for IPS Cambodia

real estate in Phnom Penh

Head of Commercial Nigel Doughan in his first ever blog article gives us his background and his unique perspective on Commercial real estate in Cambodia. My name is Nigel Doughan and I am the Commercial Manager at IPS Cambodia. I am from Sydney Australia but have lived in Phnom Penh for about 4 years with my wife and two children. I have been working in the real estate sector for about 3 years now. I have worked on large construction projects in both a project management type role and also in leasing. Working on the landlord side of leasing for a short while, I was able to begin a relationship with the IPS Cambodia team and when an opportunity arose last year I joined IPS Cambodia in a full time capacity. In my role in IPS Cambodia, the majority of my time is spent on commercial leasing so I know all the Phnom Penh commercial office space options. Over the past 2 years the landscape has changed massively, with many new buildings opening up and many new market entrants setting up business operations in Cambodia. On the commercial side, we also receive a lot of enquiries about buying or selling …

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