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Review: Toul Tum Poung


In our continuing series of emerging residential areas outside Phnom Penh centre, we will look at sangkats of Toul Tum Poung 1 & 2, known to most expatriates as the Russian Market area. The suburb Toul Tum Poung is located to the south of BKK3 and to the west of Boeung Trabek. The sangkat is bounded by Mao Tse Toung to the north, Street #271 (Phnom Penh’s ringroad) to the west and Street #488 to the south. The area is best known for the large market near its heart – Psar Toul Tum Poung or “The Russian Market” – that is not only a tourist destination, but used by locals and expatriates for picking up some great deals on assorted merchandise. This area is now undergoing some rapid development. Newly laid concrete roads zigzag around newly or partially built apartment blocks or existing shopfront houses which make up the majority of the properties in heart of the area. The outer portions of the suburb feature more villas of various quality and size. The northern portion, just south of Mao Tse Toung Boulevard, contains a relatively high concentration of wooden villas, whereas to the south and west there is a number …

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Review: Tonle Bassac


In this article of our continuing series of emerging residential areas in Phnom Penh, we take a look at Sangkat Tonle Bassac. Tonle Bassac is located on the western shore of the Bassac River, bounded by the main roads of Sihanouk Boulevard to the north and Norodom Boulevard to the west. The southern portion of the Sangkat is nestled south of BKK1 and extends down to the Monivong Bridge with Monivong Boulevard creating the western border. The area contains a number of small alleys and roads that branch off the larger boulevards, creating a suburb that has quiet leafy streets amongst the hustle and bustle of inner Phnom Penh. In recent times, there has been considerable development of the western shore of the Bassac River, giving rise to the Sofitel Hotel, Aeon Mall, the numerous Diamond Island developments, some gated community developments and the new and extended Naga World complex. Tonle Bassac is ideally located as main arterial roads allow for quick access to the heart of Phnom Penh commercial and entertainment districts. One of the features of the Sangkat is the number of gated communities that are located within its boundaries. The main communities include Bassac Garden City, Les Jardins …

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Review: Toul Kork

Kitchen and living room

In this article, in our continuing series of emerging residential areas in Phnom Penh, we will look at the large Sangkats of Boeungkak 1 & 2, better known to expatriates as Toul Kork. Toul Kork is located in the north and northeast of central Phnom Penh, with the sangkats of Boeung Kak comprising the areas around Boeung Kak Lake and the developed areas to the west. Boeung Kak 1 & 2 are bounded by the main arterial roads of Russian Confederation Boulevard to the south, Monivong Boulevard to the east, Roads 70/273/355 to the north and road 598 to the west. In recent times, there has been considerable development of the Toul Kork area, including the ongoing construction on the now filled in Boeung Kak Lake and the CamCo City developments. The Boeung Kak Lake development is slated to become a residential and commercial district. Work is just beginning on this large and ambitious project, and it is proceeding in earnest, with early road construction currently being undertaken. The CamKoCity development also features residential properties and commercial areas, and is at a more advanced stage of development with stage 1 being completed, however it still has some time before being …

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Review: Daun Penh

Psar Thmei central market and panoramic view on Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

In our continuing series of residential areas in Phnom Penh, we look at the area of Khan Daun Penh that includes the riverside, Wat Phnom and much of downtown Phnom Penh. Khan Daun Penh is located on the banks of the Tonle Bassac River, bounded to the north by the Japanese Friendship Bridge (Road 70), Monivong Boulevard to the west and Sihanouk Boulevard to the south. The area is best known for the number of riverside restaurant areas and the nightlife scene on Street 51. Like most of Phnom Penh, this area is undergoing some rapid development. Much of this development is for commercial purposes, however, there can be seen some new residential apartment construction, in addition to a number of renovations of older style housing. From the riverside to Norodom Boulevard, the housing options are dominated by shophouse-style accommodation. There are very few large villas around this area, except for the concentrations to the north and the south of the Khan. From Norodom Boulevard west to Monivong Boulevard, there is much more of a mix of housing styles, with many more villas in this area to cater to those wanting more open space. Being in the centre of Phnom …

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Review: Psar Douem Thkov


This month, in our continuing series of emerging residential areas outside Phnom Penh centre we take a look at Sangkat Psar Doeum Thkov. The normal response to uttering this suburbs name is “what market did you say again?” Psar Douem Thkov did in fact get its name from the local market however the largest physical feature of the suburb is the lake at its heart – Boeung Trabek. Like the larger Phnom Penh lake Boeung Kak, Boeung Trabek is currently being reclaimed piece by piece, but is still of a large size with its banks utilised by local farmers for the propagation of vegetable crops. Psar Douem Thkov is located south of Toul Tom Poung and is bounded by St 271 (Phnom Penh’s ringroad) and the southern portion of Monivong Boulevard. The area is now undergoing rapid development. Newly laid concrete roads zigzag around the lake and service the huge number of Villas that make up the majority of the properties in this area. By central Phnom Penh standards, these villas are large, usually with a garden, and more affordable than their BKK1 cousins making this area attractive to families that cannot afford (or prefer not) the high rents of …

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Review: Wat Phnom


This month, in our continuing series of emerging residential areas outside Phnom Penh centre, we will look at Sangkat Wat Phnom. Wat Phnom is located to the north of Phnom Penh’s centre and is dominated by the Phnom Penh pagoda and associated gardens. The area contains a number of boulevards that makes the Sangkat one of Phnom Penh’s more pedestrian friendly and leafy suburbs. Better known for it’s high-end hotels such as Le Royal, Sunway and The Phnom Penh Hotel, the area of Wat Phnom is well serviced by various forms of entertainment including the China House, the Night Market and the neon strip of Street 104. Wat Phnom has very good road connections to most of Phnom Penh, with easy access to the central city via the main arterials of Norodom and Monivong Boulevards and also to outlying areas of Chroy Changva and Toul Kork. Wat Phnom is undergoing increased development activity due to its excellent location. New developments are taking shape along the riverside with additional hotels and restaurants continuing to emerge. Wat Phnom’s location city side of the Boeung Kak lake precinct puts it in an ideal position to benefit from the huge development that is starting …

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Review: Chroy Chongva


Over the next few months we will review some emerging residential areas outside of Phnom Penh centre. The first Sangkat under the microscope is Chroy Chongva. Chroy Chongva is located over the Japanese Bridge to the north east of Phnom Penh central. Chroy Chongva is a residential and industrial district occupying the sliver of land between the Tonle Sap and Mekong Rivers. Chroy Chongva is undergoing significant investment including Borey Sopheak Mongkol a 45,000 square meter commercial complex with an additional residential development nearing completion, the Mekong View Towers a 116 residential unit complex now open which includes an impressive Skybar overlooking Phnom Penh City (well worth checking out) and the aptly named Happiness City development which has huge potential but is currently delayed due to funding issues. Access has and is an ongoing issue for Chroy Chongva residents. Currently the Japanese Bridge is the only form of direct road access to Chroy Chongva. The recent directive from the Government banning heavy vehicles and busses from using the bridge has had a positive impact on traffic flows. A second access bridge to the mainland is under consideration and the construction of a second bridge would greatly enhance the accessibility of …

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