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Services Our property and real estate services in Cambodia.

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Property Management

As the premier real estate company in Cambodia with extensive experience in Khmer real estate, IPS offers our clients a range of services, including a comprehensive property management service. From a single property owned by a foreign owner living abroad to the local landlord with a large serviced apartment building, our extensive knowledge of key real estate in Phnom Penh means that we are ideally placed to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. We have a wealth of experience in Khmer real estate which allows us to ensure that whatever your budget you can expect the highest level of service, with our focus being on attracting and retaining tenants. With extensive experience in Phnom Penh real estate, IPS’s property management service is carefully designed to make the process of being a landlord as stress free as possible. All correspondence, communications and accounting is dealt with by our staff, allowing the owner to merely receive payment each month. We have Khmer, French, English and Filipino speakers on our team, which allows us to communicate effectively with our broad base of customers. Our real estate management service includes: Full marketing on IPS website and published media including the Phnom Penh ...
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Buyer and Seller Advocacy

At IPS, we believe that buyer and seller advocacy is based on the simple proposition of getting it right. The real estate sale and purchase process in Cambodia can be relatively complicated, particularly for those who are new to it. The local marketplace is unfortunately full of disinformation and can be quite confusing. At IPS we take the time to fully explain the sale process, the legal requirements of both parties, the benefits, tax implications and any risks associated with the various legal ownership structures As well, we can assist with all due diligence requirements. At IPS we bring resources, contacts and a wealth of experience in Khmer real estate to every deal. We work with our clients to understand and establish their specific needs and then we guide them through their property transaction. We make the buying or selling experience as positive, stress free and rewarding as possible. As the premier real estate company in Cambodia, IPS has been putting together property transactions for almost a decade. With significant expertise in Cambodian and Phnom Penh real estate as well as extensive experience in residential, commercial, agricultural and mining deals, IPS is today positioned as the market leader in Khmer ...
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Property Valuation

Real estate valuation is at the heart of our professional services. A true and defensible assessment of property value can mean the difference between reaching a critical goal – securing a loan, closing a sale, choosing the best asset – or failing to achieve it altogether. As the premier real estate company in Cambodia, IPS delivers these services within a scope customized to each client’s needs. Our professional skills and expertise cover the full breadth of properties such as office, retail, residential, industrial and agricultural property types. At IPS our valuation and advisory services are designed to deliver insights into a property’s fundamentals, its competitors and the overall market dynamics affecting both its current and future value. We believe that valuation can be a strategic asset for investors and owners alike, provided that reporting is clear and prompt, and that it addresses issues specific to the Cambodian business and real estate market. IPS’s valuation and advisory services include: Appraisal review and management Arbitration and consulting Feasibility studies Insurance valuation Investment analysis Lease and cost analysis Portfolio valuation Single asset valuation
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Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies Feasibility analysis focuses on the characteristics, location, market fundamentals, and competitive position of an asset. As the premier real estate company in Cambodia, IPS is ideally placed to provide our clients with comprehensive market and feasibility studies. IPS has a proven track record of working effectively with partners in Khmer real estate to provide clients with a wide range of investment opportunities, By working closely with national and international partners, we help our clients to formulate a coordinated strategic solution. We recognize that each client has specific needs as they relate to their investment strategy not only in Phnom Penh real estate but also in Khmer real estate more broadly. We ensure that our Asset Feasibility Studies are carefully and individually tailored to match our clients’ needs. Elements of our feasibility studies include: Market entry Site analysis Risk analyses Financial modelling Sales and rental analysis Cash flow projections Asset summary           As a real estate company with a well-established and enviable position in Cambodian real estate, IPS is committed to providing high quality professional real estate services within Cambodia. Our unique insights into the Cambodian and Khmer real estate market mean that we are well ...